Operations & Maintenance

While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, it is important to provide fundamental maintenance and inspection on a regular basis to keep your system operating efficiently. The fast growing utility-scale PV industry in India demands well managed operation & maintenance (O&M) services to keep plant performance at par with the needed expectations as well as applicable regulations. As utilities embrace and rely on solar PV grid-connected plants for both commercial and industrial applications, Briscon has the capabilities as well as experience in all aspects of solar plant O&M to help deliver optimal power. We offer a suite of comprehensive solar operation & maintenance services to help maximize solar production, and optimize your renewable energy investment.

Production Monitoring & Reporting
Real-time web based monitoring measures the production of electricity from your solar system and sends an immediate alert to Briscon Services if an issue is detected. This visibility allows Briscon to report and track the systems performance to ensure your system is producing electricity at optimal levels. With production monitoring & reporting, your system will never be left alone; your solar production will be analyzed, tracked, and reported to you, so you know if and when your system needs to be serviced.

Maximising Return on Investment
Revenue generated from your solar system plays an important part in achieving your ROI goals for your solar project. Briscon talented financial team watches these revenues closely to ensure you receive the best return on investment possible. Briscon services include quarterly performance information, state filing administration services, quarterly and annual reporting and market information communication.

Net Metering Support
Net metering allows customers to receive credits for any electricity that they generate but do not use. Briscon will establish net metering for your solar system and help you track your production to make sure you are receiving the appropriate credits on your electric bill. In the summer months when production is at its peak, many solar customers create credits on their utility bills and use those credits in the winter months when solar energy production decreases. Having Briscon act as your liaison between you and your utility provider will help ensure proper billing and credits to your electric bill account.

Schedule Maintenance
With any mechanical system, proper upkeep is crucial to maintain optimal production and a long life. Briscon provides annual preventative maintenance site visits, which entail an exhaustive inspection of all mechanical, electrical, and PV components of your system. In conjunction with these scheduled maintenance visits.

Preventive maintenance
• Regular cleaning of solar panels including rooftop inspection
• Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
• Yearly service of HT side equipment
• Diagnostic testing for low power production
• Circuit testing
• IV curve tracing
• Thermal imaging
• Earth value measurement
• Retro commissioning
• Data acquisition system check
• Warranty management

Uptime Management
• Automatic string level visual alarms
• Real time data collection
• Monitoring energy production (daily basis)
• Effective data interpretation
• Solar Resource Management and Prediction
• PV system monitoring systems
• Trending and Analytics for continuous improvement
• Critical and non-critical reactive repairs
• Spare parts and inventory management